Pressure Pipe Rehabilitation

The pressure pipe rehab market has been a long time in development. There are a few solutions to stop corrosion on the interior of pressure pipes. We offer an NSF certified solution that will add years of longevity to your pipes.

Brush in place pipe

This is a multiple coat system that is brushed in place using a specialized piece of equipment. It is designed to apply an even coat of epoxy and eliminate any pin holes that would cause future deterioration. After the coating is cured the pipe is renewed, protected, antimicrobial, and friction is lowered significantly. This allows for increased flow rates. The process for application is listed below:

  1. Camera the pipe for inspection
  2. Abrade the pipe
  3. Clean the pipe
  4. Apply 2-5 coats of 100% solids epoxy
  5. Camera the pipe for final inspection
  6. Final cleaning of pipe (disinfect if potable water)
100 % solids NSF certified brush in place pipe coating
100 % solids NSF certified brush in place pipe coating

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