Large Diameter Pipe Coatings

We offer two different options for large diameter pipe rehabilitation depending on your project needs. If access is limited then our epoxy or geopolymer are both possible solutions. If you need a structural solution for a storm culvert or sanitary sewer line, then our geopolymer system could be a solution. Both of our systems work for unique and odd shaped pipes with obstructions that may prevent lining with CIPP. Listed below are our two lining solutions for large diameter pipes.

100% Solids Epoxy Coating

Structure Guard is a 100% solids, high-build epoxy coating formulated to provide long-term corrosion protection and structural enhancement for manholes, pump stations, treatment plants or any wastewater infrastructure subject to high levels of corrosion or abrasion. It sets fast for a quick return to service, even in the most aggressive and turbulent environments, minimizing community disruptions and costs for pump bypass installations. The pipe below sees a flow of over 50 million gallons per day. It is a 90" influent pipe to a reclamation facility. Read about this project in our case study linked below.

Large Diameter Pipe Coatings

Geopolymer Lining System

Cardinal Coatings is a Quadex® Lining System (QLS) certified installer. QLS is an extremely versatile system engineered to effectively apply GeoKrete® Geopolymer onto a variety of shapes, sizes and surfaces. For angular structures, such as wet wells, junction boxes, box culverts, or other infrastructure with edges, corners and obstructions, GeoKrete can be spray applied and trowel finished to achieve restored structural integrity, elimination of infiltration and corrosion protection.The equipment design features advanced technology built into the sled, retrieval system, mixer and pump that allows for a controlled rate of retraction and precision spray application.

A geopolymer is a formulated mortar comprised of aluminosilicate powder with an alkaline activator to forma monolithic mineral polymer with ceramic properties.A geopolymer is not an epoxy or a plastic blended with aggregate. GeoKrete® Geopolymer cures through a process of polycondensation and possesses proven, high early and long-term compressive strength. Additionally, with superior bond strength, GeoKrete liners can be applied in layers and under multiple mobilizations. The chemical composition of GeoKrete Geopolymer makes it inherently resistant to the microbial induced corrosion prevalent in many sewer environments (down to a pH of 1). Geopolymers contain greatly reduced concentrations of calcium hydroxide, commonly found in typical cementitious mortar, furthering the suitability of GeoKrete in low pH environments.

Case Study

Click link to view a case study:

  • 90" Reclamation Facility Influent Pipe Rehab
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