Geopolymer Liners

We use geopolymers to structurally restore manholes, pump stations, junction boxes, large diameter pipes, culverts, tunnels, structures and other raw, storm and wastewater infrastructure. As certified installers of Quadex® GeoKrete® we understanding that every project presents unique challenges. Because of this, our system is fully capable of integrating advanced, third-party design and engineering modifications to meet the most stringent structural restoration specifications.

Geopolymer liners are an extremely versatile system engineered to effectively apply GeoKrete® onto a variety of shapes, sizes and surfaces. For angular structures, such as wet wells, junction boxes, box culverts, or other infrastructure with edges, corners and obstructions, GeoKrete can be spray applied and trowel finished to achieve restored structural integrity, elimination of infiltration and corrosion protection. Our equipment is specially designed to measure, mix and spray apply this system for a quality, structural and corrosive resistant finished product.

1" of Geopolymer liner over brick manhole
1" of Geopolymer liner over brick manhole

A Geopolymer is a formulated mortar comprised of aluminosilicate powder with an alkaline activator to form a monolithic mineral polymer with ceramic properties. GeoKrete® Geopolymer cures through a process of polycondensation and possesses proven, high early and long-term compressive strength. Additionally, with superior bond strength, GeoKrete liners can be applied in layers and under multiple mobilizations. The chemical composition of GeoKrete Geopolymer makes it inherently resistant to the microbial induced corrosion prevalent in many sewer environments (down to a pH of 1). Geopolymers contain greatly reduced concentrations of calcium hydroxide, commonly found in typical cementitious mortar, furthering the suitability of GeoKrete in low pH environments.


  • Manholes
  • Wet wells
  • Junction boxes
  • Pump stations
  • Tanks
  • Large diameter pipes
  • Syphon structures
  • Large diameter culverts
  • Box culverts

Products Specified to Your Rehab & Protection Needs

  • Corrosion protection
  • Structural renewal
  • Polyurethane grout

Benefits of our Geopolymer

  • Fully structural properties allow for rehabilitation of structures with extreme deterioration
  • Factory blended and mixed material allows for high measures of quality control
  • Forms a monolithic, inorganic polymer structure for much higher resistance to acids and greater surface durability
  • Cures through poly condensation and bonds to itself — the liner can be applied in layers and under multiple mobilizations
  • Easily applied to abnormally shaped structures
  • Easily navigates pipe deformities, deep pipes, pipe bends, non-round pipes, slopes and separated joints
  • Independent third party certified Reduced Carbon Footprint compared to other rehabilitation products such as cementitious, calcium aluminate and CIPP liners
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