Polyurethane Grout

Moisture Mitigation:

We use a non-shrinking, two-part polyurethane grout  to stop high flow infiltration. We use a two part pump injection method creating curtain of grout on the outside of underground structures. Super-fast cure allows for immediate reduction in infiltration. Our pumps allow for a high volume of material to get behind the structure's wall and stop the leaks. From plural component grout for high volume leaks, to migrating grout for small leaks, we can stop it all.

Prior to coating any structures, we ensure that they are 100% leak free so proper adhesion will occur. We also offer moisture mitigation as a stand alone service. If you have a leak you need stopped, we can certainly help you. We pride ourselves in being a frontrunner in polyurethane grout services.

Polyurethane Grout
Drilling holes for polyurethane grout injection
Polyurethane Grout
Polyurethane grout injection to stop a major leak

Soil Stabilization:

For soil stabilization, we use a high density, high strength, structural two-part polyurethane grout. This closed cell polyurethane’s low viscosity and hydro insensitive nature allows for the permeation and filling of voids, under-sealing of concrete, and stabilizing of soil, while also mitigating inflow and infiltration. We curtain grout manholes and structures that indicate soil loss on the outside of the structure. This helps prevent sink holes. We also stabilize roads, sidewalks, and parking lots. This is a permanent, fully structural solution for soils collapsing and roads that are sinking.

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