Water Storage & Treatment Coatings

Drinking water is essential for our community's health. At Cardinal Coatings we pride ourselves in the small part we play in making sure that the water in your pipes in delivered as clean and pure drinking water. We adhere to strict installation practices when working with potable water. We install materials that meet the strictest NSF certification requirements.

Water treatment facilities play a key role in our water and wastewater systems by removing unwanted solids and bacteria, and by purifying wastewater into potable water. Critical to this process is the infrastructure within the treatment facilities and their ability to control flow, function properly and ensure that bacteria, other chemicals and debris cannot contaminate already-treated water. When aging water treatment facility pipes and structures begin to fail and leak, this can lead to major problems with contamination, flow rate/production and safety. Our coatings help eliminate some of these problems a treatment facility might face. We can rehabilitate existing infrastructure or protect it from the day it is built.

Water Storage & Treatment Coatings | Water Treatment Coatings Service
Water flume rehab at potable water treatment facility

After water is treated or collected, storage is essential to ensure the immediate flow we enjoy from our taps at home. We line potable water tanks both inside and out to protect the water inside. Tank lid and exterior coatings eliminate the possibility of exterior water from entering the tank through the lid or walls. If the lid is bare concrete or if there are puddles that cause standing water on the lid, that dirty water can make its way into the water tank and contaminate the drinking water. Our coating prevents anything from entering a crack or pours in the slab. Our coatings are also a waterproof system to prevent deterioration of reinforcement steel inside the slab or structure.

Water Storage & Treatment Coatings
Water storage tank lid coating

Structural crack repair is sometimes necessary for storage tanks over time. We install a carbon fiber reinforcement and port inject epoxy to ensure that structure is restored to previous load requirements. It also ensures water will not leak into the slab and deteriorate the steel reinforcements. The crack below was caused by overfilling of a water tank, but cracks can occur on a structure for a number of different reasons. We would be happy to inspect your assets to see if there's anything we can do to help add life to the structures.

Water Storage & Treatment Coatings | Water Treatment Coatings Service
Structural crack repair

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