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Concrete begins to deteriorate the second it is installed.It is a manufactured stone product that acts exactly like real rock. Porous rocks, such as limestone and sandstone, are extremely susceptible to erosion and decay. The same is true with concrete. Cement holds concrete together. It contains calcium, which is water soluble. Over time moisture dissolves the calcium and the porosity of concrete increases. This along with water entering the pours, freezing, then expanding, concrete begins to erode. We have a solution for this.


There are two types of sealer to solve this problem:

#1 Penetrating Sealer


·     Penetrating sealer enters the slab and fills the pours so that water cannot enter to deteriorate the calcium platelets or freeze in existing pours. We simply clean the slab and then seal the slab with penetrating sealer. Once it cures you are left with an original appearance that is protected. There is no change to color or texture of the concrete.

Concrete Sealing

#2 Topical Sealer

 ·     Topical sealers give concrete a “wet” look. They come in satin or gloss and protect the concrete by creating a barrier on the top of the slab. This sealer is typically used on colored or stamped concrete. We also use it when the slab has previously been sealed with similar topical sealer.

Concrete Sealing
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